265th ASA Co. & B-1STB/1BCT

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Charles (Ed) Johnson & Doug Bonnot

Book by Doug Bonnot

Source: Korean Tailor across
from Company HQ?
Camp Eagle 1971 (John Mastro) Source: Korean Tailor across
from Company HQ?


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Recent production of original
(Frank Leftault)
(Replica) (Replica)
(Variant) (Variant) (John Mastro) (Variant)


Evolution of a design
(blind, no mouth)

Evolution of a design
(blind, w/ mouth)

Evolution of a design
(eyes, no mouth)
The 265th Army Security Agency Co. (Airborne) was activated on 21 April, 1967 at Fort Campbell, KY & activated as a subordinate unit of the 301st ASA Battalion (Corps). The 265th was deployed to Vietnam on 19 November, 1967 with the designation 265th Radio Research Co. (Airborne). After 1552 days in Vietnam & participation in 13 named campaigns, the 265th RRC was inactivated at Phu Bai on 01 April, 1972

265th/406th Reunion: Aug. 2010, Cedar Rapids, IA

Left to Right: Bill Troyer - Lee Thorsell - Dave Finley - Bruce Rollman - Doug Bonnot -
Frank Leftault - Ed Johnson - John Mastro - Ken Manley - Dan Johnson - Chuck Cimino

U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry:
The bat, a night flying mammal whose
activities are shrouded in mystery and
secrecy, is used to allude to those aspects
that apply to the surveillance function of the
Army Security Agency Battalion.

The motto of the 301st ASA Battalion
was adopted by both the
265th RRC & B Co.1st STB

1968 AN/PRD-1 HF Direction Finder Receiver
Note the bat on radio

1970 Captured ChiCom 139D HF Receiver
installed in a US Army ammo can
Note the bat on radio


Yellow bat symbol: was painted on unit vehicles
prior to deployment from Fort Campbell as ID.
The Bat was visible from a great distance and
allowed quick assembly of all unit equipment.

Company HQ,
Camp Eagle, RVN, 1970.
Note the bat on sign


Signal Maintenance Section
Camp Eagle, RVN, 1969
Note the large bat on roof

Note the bat on tent.
Pictured: Tom O'Malley

Note the bat on tent


1st Platoon Operations Center,
1st Brigade area, Gia Le, RVN

265th RRC Commander’s M151 Jeep
Note: Bat on LF quarter-panel

Bat on RF quarter-panel of this M151
(Charles E. Johnson)


Bat on M-37 in background
Pictured: Ed Johnson

"BAT GUANO" on windshield frame of this MUTT

Small yellow bat on quarter-panel
of this M151 MUTT (Tom Callahan)

"BAT GUANO" ( Ver. 2) on MUTT
(Charles E. Johnson)


Bat-Douche -
Shower Point Viet Nam 1969

Bat Room One
One of the early ‘permanent’ buildings


Yellow Bat above door 265th RRC
Bar & Grill Camp Eagle
August 1971 (Walt White)

Elephant Branders

"Elephant Brander" mounted on a Bell UH-1
Elephant Branders, LTD





Members of IEW Platoon,
1-STB/1BCT in Iraq.
White bat on splinter shield

Alpha Company, 311th MI

This successor to the 265th RRC (ABN), was
redesignated Bravo Company, 326th Brigade
Troops Battalion after their return from Operation
Iraqi Freedom. In September, 2007 the unit was
again redesignated as B Company, 1st Special
Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team,
101st Airborne Division, or B-1STB/1BCT

Long Range Reconnaissance Detachment.
Weapons training prior to deployment to Iraq.
Note: small white bat on RF quarter-panel


326 Brigade Troops Battalion

The spade establishes the company as
part of the Bastogne Brigade of WW II.


Magnet created for a fundraiser by
the Family Support Group for the
B Co 1st Special Troops Battalion,
1st Brigade Combat Team 101st Airborne
The Bat Cave Unit Club in Iraq, 2008
B-1STB/1BCT, 101st Ariborne